About us

DermaNutriFit is an organization of health and wellness specialists with a mission to help you discover your inner and outer beauty so as to achieve sound health and fitness.
We have niche expertise in diagnosing obesity, skin and hair related issues, which often occur either due to lifestyle issues or because of side effects caused by medication or hormonal change. DermaNutriFit is a one stop shop for obesity, hair, skin and salon services.
DermaNutriFit is an organization, which brings a high level of professional expertise and unmatched personal service. Our services include:

Our vision is to develop a highly vibrant, sustainable and healthy community of individuals by providing state of the art health and wellness services of the highest quality, backed by excellent service and rigorous customer focus.

To dedicate ourselves to helping our customers achieve holistic wellness from the inside out with a scientific, research-based approach and individualized programs. Our mission is to ensure that health and fitness are made accessible to all strata of society.